Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Half the man I used to be

Man, it's been a long time since I posted anything. I'm still here, I've just been really preoccupied, I guess. I split my time this summer between teaching summer school, exercising, and writing a book! I made it about three quarters of the way through the first draft of the book but then the end of the summer smacked me in the face. Now I'm stuck in teachers' meetings all day and I'm already feeling my fat cells preparing to store up for winter. I'm determined to keep going with the exercise, though, so I can feel a little less like 32 and a little more like, I dunno, 22. Check out the pounds I dropped during the last 6 months...

Some things in my life got a little hard back around Christmas time, and I discovered a great way to relieve stress: Exercise! You can tell from the comparison above just how stressed I must have been. Over the last six months I've dropped 40 pounds.

I got sick back in January (pneumonia) and got to the point where I began to fantasize about breathing deeply. Once I got a little strength back I hopped on the bike my lovely wife got me for Christmas and rode around a bit. Then I started running short distances each day until I got up to a mile, then two, then three, and now as far as four miles in a run (I've never been able to do that!). I've been eating a lot of salads, fruits, and veggies, although I gotta have at least a little chocolate every day, or I get a little moody. Can't deprive myself of all those health benefits from chocolate, you know. Not to mention the seratonin, or whatever's in that stuff. Love it!

Meanwhile, I've been chewing on something else (pun intended) that I feel it's time to post. I hope it means something to somebody out there. So for all five of you people that used to actually read my blog (that is, back when I used to POST stuff on it!), it's my first useful thought suitable for blogging since June. But you'll have to check back next time to read that life-changing gem ;-)


Anonymous Aretas the King said...

Well, look at that!

Physical exercise IS of some benefit... who knew? ;)

Waytago, dude. I'm actually jealous. It's been a long time since I used to groove on runner's high. Couple more years of deskwork here, and I may have to join you.

"I began to fantasize about breathing deeply."


12:02 AM  
Anonymous Aretas the King said...

bad link
now try

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Anonymous Aretas the King said...

where's your spell check?

this'll get it!

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