Friday, January 12, 2007

Brief Pause

I promise I will write again someday.

I'm trying to learn what it looks like to be a responsible teacher, and whatever that is, I know it involves not spending all my spare time in front of the computer.

I've been squeezing a good bit of writing into my holidays, but they're all going into a book. So stay tuned and someday I'll be announcing a book (assuming I can find somebody that wants to publish it).

Once I get back on top of my work, I'll be able to scribble again. I'm sure the world will survive until then.


Blogger Kim said...

Good to know you're still there. I was wondering about you.

2:00 AM  
Anonymous Chris Pridham said...

Hi Neil,
First time I have seen this site. I like what you and the church have done with the web site and blogs. Hope you are all doing well.
Chris P

4:51 PM  

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